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Friday, August 8, 2014

Trend Alert: A Return to Formal Portraits

The pithy saying that "everything old is new again" really does hold true in weddings. One such return to the traditions of yesterday is formal portraiture. While couples still love the candid, photojournalistic approach, they are now opting for some more traditional, formal shots in addition to capturing the moments. And brides are also returning to the concept of the bridal portrait, which had declined for a few years. Here are a few lovely examples:
This formal wedding party photo is uber traditional. photo: Graham Hobart

Special formals with grandparents become family treasures. photo: Joseph Mark

Not only is this an old school pose, but the neutral, non-smiling expressions have
"tradition" written all over this. photo: f8studio

A beautiful, sophisticated formal of the wedding couple makes a perfect image to
frame and display in the newlyweds' home. photo: Sil Azevedo

You can't get more traditional than a bride in her gown with her veil and
bouquet in the church! photo: Sil Azevedo

This fabulously old school photo is taken with a special camera.
Gorgeous and classic! photo: Justin Goode

One of our favorites! Love the bride's expression and the outdoor setting is the perfect
complement to the stunning bride. photo: Al Gawlik
What do you say, brides? Will you have some formal portraits taken to commemorate your wedding?

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