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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Beautiful Bride, Her Gown and the Portrait It Inspired

We want each and every one of our brides to love her wedding gown. We want a bride to find her exact dream gown, the one in which she feels her most beautiful to wear down the aisle. When our brides find THE DRESS, it makes our hearts sing. But when a bride and her mom love her wedding gown so much they have a portrait of the gown made…well. Words can’t really describe that feeling…
Beautiful bride Brett fell hard for Birnbaum & Bullock’s dramatic April gown. No small wonder, as she looks absolutely stunning in that gown!
As luck would have it, Brett’s mom knew an artist who was known for painting gowns! Ms. Wilson met artist Anita Felix through a shop in McKinney called Gray Living. Ms. Felix sold some art through the store, which Ms. Wilson happened to frequent, and the ladies became friendly over time. When Brett’s mother saw her daughter in the bridal gown, she knew she had to have a painting commissioned. Here is the gorgeous result:
Brett and her mom had the portrait on display at Brett and Austin’s wedding, where guests were enchanted by the lovely and unique painting.
Anita Felix’s artistic background is truly fascinating! Originally a ballet dancer, Anita has always painted for pleasure but never studied art formally beyond a couple of classes in school. Her two passions collided about three years ago when her love of ballet led to her painting tutus which then evolved into the more dramatic baroque and French style gowns she’s become known for.
Anita always paints to music and her music moves and influences her work. Gowns she’s painted while listening to classical or French music turn out elegant and romantic, while some of her more dramatic dresses and the ballet tutus are the results of her painting to jazz. When she paints these non-commissioned pieces, she creates improvisationally, just painting what she feels through the music.
When she paints a commissioned wedding gown, however, she meets with the bride for a bit, getting to know the bride and her personality and style. She also takes photos of the bride in her gown and once home, studies the photos, further getting to know the gown. From there, her talent takes over and the painting naturally comes to life. Anita can usually complete a commissioned bridal gown painting within a week, and each bride can trust the artist pours her heart and soul into each piece.
One of the photos Anita took when she met Brett.
The finished product: the detailing is truly amazing; doesn't the lace look so real?!
Here are a few gown paintings Anita has shared with StarDust to pretty up our alterations room!
Back to Brett’s gown, Anita used many layers of paint to ensure the gown was the perfect color and luminosity.
She often will add watercolors to the acrylic paint she uses to enhance certain colors or features of the dress. For the lace bodice of the gown, Anita mixed paint with molding past, then used a very fine paintbrush to create a lace-like effect.
Her technique ensured the lace was in 3D and truly looked like lace. The finished portrait measured 36”x48”, but the artist will do portraits up to 48”x60”.
You can enjoy more of Anita’s beautiful work here.

Brett and Austin's wedding photos by Photography by Vanessa.

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