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Friday, October 25, 2013

Ask the Sylist: the Low-Back Wedding Gown

Q: I really love the dramatic look of a low-back gown and am leaning toward one for my wedding day. Are there any special considerations I need to think about?

A: In a word, yes! Low backs are stunning – simply beautiful and yes, very dramatic. BUT. If you are also interested in a very fitted waist, many low-back gown styles do not work very well. Because of the lack of material all the way around the bodice, there just isn’t enough there to get a super-tight fit.
Here are a few photos illustrating what we mean.
Wtoo Lanai gown
Claire Pettibone Provence gown

Wtoo Fiji gown

Now, all that being said, open back gowns are still a gorgeous option. Many styles are very flattering and can provide an hourglass shape, especially if you go with a keyhole or an illusion back. Here are a few examples:
Lazaro 3356 gown
Jim Hjelm 8359
Tara Keely 2354
Alvina Valenta 9357
But just a plunging back will just not give brides a super-snug fit. One other word to the wise: be cautious of a strapless gown with an extremely low back – you are risking a wardrobe malfunction! That’s probably not the memory you are going for on your wedding day!

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