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Friday, June 14, 2013

Ask the Stylist: Final Bridal Gown Selection

We love helping our brides find their dream wedding gown! Even our most opinionated clients sometimes have difficulty making their final decision, and this is another question we are often asked by brides.

Q: When I get my gown narrowed down to the top two or three wedding gowns, can my stylist just tell me which one to pick?

A: Selecting the perfect bridal gown is an extremely personal decision. But surprisingly, some of our brides do ask this very question! While our experienced stylists are happy to offer professional opinions all along the way regarding shape, fit, color and silhouettes, we cannot tell a bride which gown is THE gown for her.

Our experts will review the goals the bride shared during the initial interview. Was her vision to find something romantic, comfortable, feminine? Did she desire an eloquent, formal and princess-like gown? Or perhaps her goal was to find a gown that was modern, chic and unique. Which of the "finalist" gowns best match her vision? The final decision must be up to the bride. Which gown best suits her personality? Which one makes her feel most beautiful? Which gown can she truly see herself walking down the aisle wearing?

The gown needs to be "her" and the bride must make her own choice, just as she did for her groom!

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