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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trends We Love: The Unity Painting

We love that couples are continuing to find ways to personalize their weddings, to break out of the molds of weddings past and do something that is unique and representative of them. One great way to do this is to put a personal twist on an existing tradition.

We've seen this a lot with the unity ritual during the wedding ceremony. Initially, couples lit a unity candle, but soon that gave way to other unifying symbols, such as unity sand or unity flowers. One of the cooler new takes on the unity ceremony that we've seen - and loved - lately is the unity painting.
There are so many ways you can do this, the possibilities are endless! Many couples simply use two paints that are tied to their wedding color palette and either pour them down the canvas from top to bottom or swirl them around.

Others are incorporating personalization to make the piece more meaningful as it hangs in their new home. This couple added a large vinyl initial to the canvas before the paint was poured and once the paint is dry, they peel it off to reveal their monogram in white amidst the paint.

Another way is to incorporate your wedding date:
And this bride took it a step further but placing lyrics from the couple's first dance on the canvas in vinyl letters to be removed once the paint dried; she spray-painted the canvas black once the letters were affixed and then they poured paint for their unity ceremony:
If the poured paint isn't your part of your vision, you can get a little more creative by actually painting something during the ceremony, like hearts or something more abstract:

This couple painted a simple heart during their ceremony then used the canvas as their guest book at their reception:
Again, there are so many options, you're truly limited only to your imagination! Well, and possibly your wedding venue's policies, so be sure to check with your facility contact! This does work best in an outdoor ceremony setting, but even if you're marrying inside, just ask to see if it's a possibility for your wedding day! Happy unified painting!

p.s. One word of caution: of course you'll want to be careful not to get paint on your wedding gown; we would NOT recommend finger-painting, no matter how much your and your fiancé's inner children like it! ;)

image sources: Chris Diset Photography, Cloud Seven Photography, Etsy, Gracenote Photography, Pinterest, TWA Photo and Wedding Chicks

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