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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Great Social Media Debate

To Instagram or not Instagram…that is the question!
Let’s face it, we live in a 24/7 social media world. People are tweeting, posting and sharing more and more aspects of their lives online. In the wedding industry, we’re starting to see a great divide – brides who embrace this regarding their weddings and those who do not. As a bride, you must decide which side of the fence you fall on and go with it – whole-heartedly.

Super-charged Weddings
If you are super-techy or just love sharing your life via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, this is the way to go. If you have some guests who are non-digeratis, you may consider explaining to them before the big day what a hashtag is and what all of this sharing is about, encouraging them to give it a try.
If you decide you want your wedding promoted via social media, go for it. All. The. Way. Create a custom #hashtag for your wedding (#WillandKatesRoyalWedding) and spread the word on your wedding website, with signage at your wedding, in your programs and signs around your reception space, asking guests to tweet, post and tag away!
Power Up
Include a charging station at your reception. But it doesn’t have to look industrial or jumbled. Make it pretty! Dress up your power bar with linens and floral. Include a sign with your custom hashtag to remind guests to share, share, share!
Unplugged Weddings
If you’re serious about having an unplugged wedding, stand firm in your convictions. It is your wedding, after all, and hopefully your guests will respect your wishes. Again, spread the word by including your choice on your wedding website, on signage at your ceremony site and in your programs.
Encourage In-the-Moment
You can just succinctly explain that you wish guests to be truly present at your wedding and ask them to please refrain from taking photos or video during your ceremony. Your ushers can also remind guests as they’re seating them that your desire is for your guests to really focus on being in the moment during your wedding and ask them to please turn off their phones and cameras and keep them tucked away. You can also ask your officiant to make an announcement before the ceremony begins, or even send some kiddos down the aisle with a reminder!
Phone Check
If you think your guests will go for it, you can even institute a phone or device check (like a coat check) at the entrance to your ceremony, a la Michael Jordan at his Palm Beach nuptials last year. If you decide to go to this extreme, it is important to inform your guests beforehand (via your website, word of mouth and perhaps even in your invitation suite). You also should be prepared for some unhappy guests who might be resistant to leaving their phone at the door. Enlist trusted friends to be your advocate in encouraging these rebels to honor your wishes.
Whatever you decide, weigh the pros and cons, discuss it with your fiancé and possibly your parents and consider your guests beforehand. It is your wedding, but considering your guests’ feelings will go a long way toward a fun and happy night for all.

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