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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ask the Stylist: Accessorizing

Q: I have found the wedding dress of my dreams. Now what?!
A: We're so glad you asked! First of all, congrats on finding your dream bridal gown; that is truly one of your biggest and most exciting wedding planning milestones!
Now you'll want to focus on your veil and/or hair accessories. Plan ahead; it generally takes eight weeks for a veil order to arrive. The heavier detail or more intricate the edge of the veil is, the more prominence your veil takes in your overall wedding day look. So if your gown is more simple, you can go with a more elaborate veil, but if your gown has lots of detail you want to take your guests' breath away, select a more modest veil.
Veils come in many colors, from several varying shades of white (white, diamond white, ivory, sand, etc.) to hues matching the variety of colored bridal gowns on the market now (pink and blue, to name a few). Veil prices range from around $175 for a simple, one-layer, cut-edge veil up to around $2,000 for something that featured lace, sparkle or intricate designs.
Chances are that you will want to remove your veil once your reception really gets going as it's not easy dancing while wearing one. We always recommend a little something for your hair for when the veil comes off so you still look special.
Headband styles are really in right now and they can easily be worn again. You can wear them for New Year's Eve or some other party, as a guest to another wedding or any other time you need to dress up a little. We would not recommend real flowers in your hair because they can wilt or discolor, not to mention what allergies they may stir up in anyone you come into contact with on your wedding day.
Some brides question whether or not they really need a veil. We always strongly recommend one and here's why:
     Veils make for fantastically beautiful photos
     Veils help distinguish in photos that you are, in fact, a bride
     Veils make the bridal magic!
We actually wrote an extensive post explaining why you as a bride should wear a veil. You should read it!
Whether you found your dream dress at one of our salons or somewhere else, we would love to help you find the veil and hair accessories to perfectly complement your bridal gown. Call us at 972.781.1619 to schedule an appointment; you'll want to make plans to bring your gown, if possible.

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