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Friday, September 13, 2013

Trend Alert: The Biscuit Bar

With wedding planning dominating your brain, you’ve not been your usual brilliant, on-top-of-things self lately. In fact, some of your friends might say you’ve been a bit of a flake. Well, we would like to help you out by suggesting you do flaky the right way by adding a biscuit bar to your wedding reception!
Ahhhh, biscuits…little fluffy clouds of buttery goodness. Who doesn’t love biscuits, right?! Every tender and tasty bite just blankets you in southern comfort! There are so many fab ways to put together a delectable biscuit bar – display them piled high on platters, stacked on tiered plates or nestled in deep, tea towel-lined baskets.
You’ll want to offer guests a variety of toppings: jams and jellies (sweet and savory!), flavored butters and honey varietals would do nicely. If you really wanted to go indulgent, maybe include gravy on your biscuit bar. Mmmmm...gravy!
Consider including some fillers if you want something more substantial, such as glazed ham, cheeses, roasted turkey and bacon.
And the variety of biscuits you could offer is virtually unlimited! Consider an assortment of offerings such as old-fashioned buttermilk, herb, whole wheat, sweet potato and cheddar chive, just to name a few. Oh my stars, is your mouth watering yet?!
Don’t forget your cute signage!
A biscuit bar works equally great for cocktail hour (a little cushion for cocktails in guests’ empty bellies), a station as part of your small plates dinner or a late-night snack! Or, ensure your guests will enjoy sweet dreams by sending them home with a little bag of lovely pillows of happiness - er, biscuits. Pure bliss!

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