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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ask the Planner: Kids at the Wedding

We get questions from clients on a myriad of wedding-related topics and this is one we are asked A LOT, so we thought we'd share with you all some ways to handle this concern:

Q: As much as we’d like to have a kid-free wedding celebration, we feel the right thing to do for our friends and family is to include their children. What are some ways we can keep them entertained during the reception so they don’t distract from our big day?

A: That’s considerate of you to include your friends’ and family members’ children, and we understand your concern. Having kids at your wedding can definitely change the tone of your event. Fortunately, there are many great ways to keep the little ones busy so your wedding day can be what you dreamed. One wonderful option is to bring in hired childcare and set up a room near the reception room, complete with toys and games, videos, kid-friendly food and a dim, quiet area for the youngest to rest if necessary. If a separate room is not possible, you could set up kid tables with coloring books/crayons, puzzles, again engaging sitters to keep the children occupied. Not only is this more fun for the kids, it’s more fun for their parents, too – and it will likely keep them off of the dance floor and out of your spotlight. Good luck!

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