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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Be Good to Your Girls!

Ladies, we have probably all seen those TV programs that show brides as absolute terrors. You know the ones...the brides are just being perfectly horrible to vendors, their mothers and to their bridesmaids! It's likely that a lot of that is staged for dramatic purposes, but it does serve as a good reminder of how your bridesmaids should be treated. Your girls are likely committing a lot of time and money by being part of your bridal party and while it is an honor for them, they also deserve respect. Here are some ideas to consider when thinking of ways to thank your lovely ladies.

Ask them in a sweet or creative way. Start honing your wedding planning creativity by finding a fun and unique way to ask your friends to stand up for you. Maybe give them a cute card, throw them a little party or make them a sweet gift of some sort. And personalize it!

Make it about them. Sort of. Yes, it is your day. But if you're not adamant about the style or shade of your bridesmaids' dresses, let them choose. We're not saying give them carte blanche, but maybe select the designer, color and fabric but let them select a style that fits each girl's personality and body type. Or dictate the color family and let each lady choose a shade. Two words of caution on this: you determine the length; they should all be the same length so they won't be distracting. And have them all wear neutral shoes of the same color, perhaps silver or nude.
Record your memories! Be sure to have the photographer capture plenty of pics with your 'maids and get fun with it!
Thank them. Again, your girls are spending money on dresses, shoes, accessories, etc., not only for the wedding day but also for all wedding-related festivities. They are throwing you showers and bachelorette parties and buying you gifts. They are giving your moral support, acting as sounding boards and spending a lot of time with you. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them. And you just might be surprised how much they'll appreciate you!

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