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Friday, June 29, 2012

Trend Alert: Specialty Ice for Reception Beverages

With specialty cocktails still being all the rage at wedding receptions, it’s no wonder that ice has been elevated as well. The science of ice and how it pertains to cocktails and spirits is an actual field of study (how much fun would that job be?!) and the result is a truly better drink!

Martinis of all varieties are at their prime when they are ice cold. What better way to serve them than through a martini ice luge? Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they chill your cocktail perfectly and can add to your décor. We especially love these for cocktail hour and/or after-parties!

The big trend now in straight spirits is serving them over one very large chunk of ice. The huge cube chills the liquor sublimely without diluting the drink at all. Your bourbon or scotch will taste the same 30 minutes into it as it did when the bartender handed it to you. “Where does the ice chunk come from?” you might wonder. Companies sometimes use specialty ice trays that create jumbo-sized ice, or the newest thing is to have a huge block of ice at the bar that the bartender will cut from for each drink. Cool, isn’t it?! (pun sort of intended)

Shaved or crushed ice is another main player, featured in many cocktails, where the style and quality of the ice can truly make or break a drink. Think mint juleps, mojitos, Hawaiian-inspired cocktails and such. Mmmmm….getting thirsty yet?

The key to all of this ice magic is to use purified water, giving the ice a crystal-clear appearance and the most pure taste. Talk with your mixologist or catering company about custom ice options for your wedding reception cocktails. Cheers!

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