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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding Photography Ideas: the First Look and the Day After or Newlywed Photo Shoot

The First Look
The wedding weekend is often full of activities, with brides and grooms moving from one event to the next on a schedule full of to-do’s. It’s nice when a couple takes time to remember that this whole shin-dig is really all about the two of them uniting their lives as one. We simply adore when couples pause to do this in a “first look” mini photo session shortly before their wedding ceremony.

Photographers work with the wedding planner and ceremony coordinator to clear a special area, often the ceremony space itself or a beautiful outdoor setting, of everyone but the groom. His back is turned to where the bride will enter. She walks in and he turns around…and the moment is pure magic! The photographer(s) discreetly capture this one amazing instant in time when the groom sees his stunning bride for the very first time, without the added pressure of him standing at the front with all the guests watching. The resulting photos are extraordinary, beautiful and meaningful, and give the couple precious images to help remember that moment forever.

Don Mamone captured a perfect example of this (not our wedding) that we had to share.

The Day After or Newlywed Photo Shoot
We also love this special idea that more and more couples are embracing: the “day after” or newlywed photo shoot. Wedding photographers are offering this option to couples as another opportunity to capture amazing photos together, memorializing the first days/weeks/months of their lives as husband and wife.

Some of the perks we see to this fun concept are the ability to capture a wider range of photos together, complete with wardrobe changes (include some pics in your wedding day attire!) and multiple locations; less time spent taking photos on your actual wedding day so you can maximize time with your guests; and the ability to be super creative in getting shots that truly reflect the essence of who you are as Mr. and Mrs.
We love the great and fun pics of one of our sweet couples from Gary at f8.

The day-after wedding photo shoot can actually take place on the day following the wedding or shortly thereafter. Or some couples are opting for a newlywed shoot, a few weeks or months in to showcase the groove they’ve gotten into as a married couple.

Talk with your wedding day photographer about these special options. And have fun with your wedding photos!


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