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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall 2011 Bridal Market for Spring 2012 Recap

What an adventure New York Bridal Market was! We enjoyed SO many fashion shows highlighting stunning new collections by fabulous bridal gown designers. There is truly something out there for everyone! Many of the trends carried over into bridesmaid dress designs as well, which makes for a stunningly cohesive wedding style. Here, in a gorgeous and bursting-at-the-seams nutshell, is what we saw:

Modern Lace
My oh my, lace, have you come a long way from Granny’s doilies! Designers are creating completely new lace fabrics and designs and are using them in thoroughly modern ways. Laces are being laser-cut or are designed in different mediums, giving them a lighter, fresher feel.

We are especially in love with the metallic laces that we saw on both bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses!

We also adore the paring of a lace bodice with a simple or unadorned satin skirt, a simply stunning combination!

Once again, texture was everywhere! From appliqu├ęs and cut-outs to pleats and feathers, on both skirts and bodices, texture made an appearance in just about every show. Unique beading, ruffles, cut organza and dimensional floral accents give depth and richness to gowns. Gowns with a lot of texture are a great option for the bride looking for glamour and drama!

 And a little texture for the bridesmaids:

Draping of Fabrics/Asymmetry
Designers are doing amazing things with fabrics. We continue to see bold uses of draping and pleats, and the styles feature a lot of asymmetry. These gowns are beautiful, interesting and dramatic!

We even saw a lot of this on bridesmaid dresses.

Layered and Peplum Skirts
Again using fabrics in spectacular ways, designers showed off lots of layers on skirts and started incorporating a peplum element. Gowns had tiered skirts, pick-ups, high-to-low hemlines and peplum details. These were paired with both embellished bodices and more simple designs, and either way, the look is just gorgeous!

Look at the use of the horsehair on this skirt on the left. And we love this flirty skirt on this sexy little number on the right: 

We were so excited to see the trend of straps and sleeves still going strong! Cap sleeves, illusion sleeves, thick or thin straps and even long sleeves graced many gowns showcased, and we think brides will continue to clamor for them! Boleros and jackets are also still present, giving brides the best of both worlds.

Another interesting element along these lines was the capelet, especially in lace or tulle, worn over a strapless gown. This fashion forward accessory gives a bride a little coverage, along with the ability to pull a “gown change” by removing it for the reception.

Dropped Waist
Nearly all the designers had at least a gown or two with a dropped waist. The element varied, though, between hitting higher on the hip or lower and being straight across or at an angle, so there are many options within this trend to play with. These flattering gowns are glamorous and can work on many body types!

Structure vs. Floaty
A study in extremes, gowns seemed to fall in one of two categories: they were either quite structured or very airy and floaty! Gowns featuring a more architectural style are formal, elegant and striking, while the airy gowns with more movement are youthful and whimsical.

Bridesmaids have more options here as well: 

Color continues to creep in subtly in sweet accents like belts and bling or make a splash by making up the entire gown. Colored bridal gowns were mostly made up of flesh or earth tones with names such as like butterscotch, sherbet and oatmeal! While going with a wedding gown of color may seem bold, many of the shades are still subtle enough for even traditional brides to consider.

One other interesting trend to note is that while the details on bridesmaids dresses were kicked up a notch, we saw the colors as more subdued, making the gowns’ designs the focus. So cool!

Dramatic details and accents
You may have noticed a theme of drama for this Bridal Market. We saw a lot of theatrical gowns featuring over-the-top details such as large embellishments, oversized bows and the use of haircloth or horsehair, a stiff fabric designers incorporated to create flair.

Bridesmaids also get to bring the drama with details such as illusion necklines or horsehair accents:
And talk about bringing sexy back…dramatic gown backs are HUGE! Even gowns that were seemingly simple in the front sent jaws dropping from behind with their plunging cowls and keyhole or sheer backs. In addition to the incorporation of striking keyhole or illusion backs on bridal gowns, illusion necklines are still going strong. Illusion backs and necklines are a great way to give brides a bit more coverage and sophistication while still allowing them a little sexy factor. Ooh la la!

 Designers are doing this on bridesmaid dresses, too! Tres chic!

Wow, to relive the details of this fall’s New York Bridal Market was so fabulous; thanks for letting us share them with you! We simply cannot wait until we start getting these gowns in next spring! Rest assured that we will let you know when these beauties start arriving in store!

Photo credits: John Aquino, George Chinsee, Thomas Iannaccone, Robert Mitra, and our own Michelle Green.

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