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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton

Photo: WireImage/Mario Testino
The wedding world is abuzz with the pending nuptials of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton, now just a week away. "What will Kate's gown look like?" “How much will they adhere to tradition versus bringing in their own modern touches?” “Who are the some 1,900 guests who have the privilege of receiving an invitation?!” are just a few of the questions everyone is dying to have answered.

Speculation on the design of Kate’s wedding gown has been running rampant! Of course her gown will have sleeves…or will it?! Will there be lace? Tulle? Full ball gown skirt or sleek and form fitting? Just how long will Kate’s train be?! Well, we have heard some tidbits here and there...Kate’s gown is said to be designed by Sophie Cranstonunder the label Libelula. Sophie previously designed with Alexander McQueen. The gown is rumored to be made of ivory satin and lace with pearl buttons, a 10-foot train and sleeves, of course! The bride also apparently has two back-up gowns in case the full design of her gown is leaked!

Some of our gown designers were asked by to create their own Kate-inspired design, fit for a princess. Here are a few of them. Aren’t they fabulous?!
Melissa Sweet Design

Platinum/POB Design

St. Pucchi Designs

Watters Brides Design

1,000+ year old Westminster Abbey, site of the Royal Wedding
There are numerous rules, traditions and regulations surrounding the wedding of a royal. The couple has chosen which they will stick to and which they will make their own. Will and Kate will marry at Westminster Abbey, the same location of the Queen’s wedding in 1947, and Kate will arrive in a car rather than the horse-drawn carriage that most royal brides use. As is custom, Kate’s bridal party will consist of several young children serving as bridesmaids and pageboys. What is not custom however, is Kate’s selection of her 27-year-old sister Pippa as maid of honor, the oldest main bridesmaid in recent royal wedding history.

Other sweet traditions Kate will be honoring is carrying a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet, and she will leave her bouquet at the grave of the unknown warrior at Westminster Abbey as a tribute to the armed forces. And Kate will be wearing a wedding band containing precious Welsh gold from the Queen’s personal royal nugget. Will, however, has opted to not wear a wedding band, explaining that he is just not a jewelry kind of guy.

Of the 1,900 invitations that were issued, a great number were sent to fellow royals, church officials, diplomats and foreign leaders in addition to the standard friends and family. And the philanthropic couple will not be expecting gifts from a formal registry from these guests; rather they have established a charitable giving fund through which they hope their guests will bless five charities supporting causes very close to their hearts. Learn more about the fund here:

Will and Kate’s ceremony is at 11:00 a.m. London time and will be followed by a wedding breakfast (think “brunch”) for 600 guests at Buckingham Palace hosted by Her Majesty the Queen herself. The couple will have a traditional several tiered fruit cake covered in cream and white icing and decorated with flowers; the confection will be created by Leicestershire-based cake designer Fiona Cairns. They will also serve a chocolate biscuit cake prepared by McVitie’s as requested by Prince William. The prince’s request is borrowing the “groom’s cake” tradition from the Southern U.S. and will be made of 1,700 Rich Tea cookies and more than 37 pounds of chocolate! Sounds like Will has a sweet tooth!
Will's "groom's cake" will be a much larger variation of this.

There are SO many fabulous details that we could just go on and on about, but there are plenty of sites that are solely dedicated to the Prince William and Kate’s wedding of the century. Check out a few of them for your Royal Wedding “fix” day or night! or

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