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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trend Alert: Whoopie Pies as Reception Dessert Alternative

Desserts take the cake, don’t they? We know most guests love being at the reception for the dancing, the fabulous food and of course the chance to visit with family and friends. But we also know – or at least suspect – that many guests secretly look soooo forward to…yep, the cake! Classic wedding cake is always fabulous at a reception, but maybe you’re looking for something a little sweet and surprising for either the groom’s cake or favors. Cupcakes are great, because let’s face it – who can resist the scrumptious little treat that is so fun and nostalgic? But they’ve been done. A lot.

Why not do something crazy and unexpected like say, a whoopie pie?! My stars, what on earth is a whoopie pie, you might ask. Fairly new to this part of the country, whoopie pies hail from New England, and they are making their way across the nation. All we can say is, what took so long?!

So, back to the question of what it is…Is it a pie? Not even close! Sort of like cake, kind of a cookie, a whoopie pie is a delilsh little “cake sandwich” of two cake-like cookies with ooey, gooey filling joining them together in a little taste of heaven.

Let’s further consider the pros of this fab little treat. First of all, how stinkin’ fun is that to say: “whoopie pies”?! That’s right, so fun! And can you say delicious and very versatile? A few bakeries around Dallas are starting to carry options like Red Velvet with Sweet Cream filling or Bread Pudding or the traditional version of Chocolate with Marshmallow filling. But with the mix-and-match possibilities of many different cake and filling offerings, the sky’s the limit! And finally, how many weddings have YOU been to where the couple has offered whoopie pies? Probably none. If you’re the bride looking for that ace in the hole, never been done detail, that’s reason enough to consider these fabulous little not-so-pie-like-after-all treats!


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